How to Book Flights With Bitcoin

In these exciting times we live in, you can book flights to pretty much anywhere in the world with the digital cryptocurrency that is Bitcoin! Bitcoin’s economy has grown so much in the last few years that there is not much that you can’t buy using Bitcoin.

The first step to purchasing flights with Bitcoin is to buy the necessary Bitcoin and set up your Bitcoin wallet, which stores your Bitcoin funds virtually. You can access these funds from your computer or mobile device using your personal identity key.

Below are just a few of the paths you can take when booking flights in Bitcoin:


  • Go through a Bitcoin accepting site. There are many sites, such as Expedia and Cheapair, that allow you to purchase flights from them in Bitcoin. There are no transaction fees when using Bitcoin to make online transactions which is a huge plus when paying for more costly items like air tickets. Both abovementioned sites take very low commission fees so this is an easy, legitimate and cost effective way to go about buying your flights.




  • Go directly through a Bitcoin accepting airline. Although there are not a huge amount of airlines that directly accept Bitcoin as a form of payment yet, the number is on the rise and we should see more and more of Bitcoin accepting airlines in the future. Some big names that are using Bitcoin as a form of payment are airBaltic and the very well known and loved Virgin Atlantic.




  • Use Bitcoins to get you into outer space. The Virgin brand has been in the Bitcoin game for a while now and Virgin Galactic has been offering trips into space in return for Bitcoin as early as 2013. Although this luxury trip will cost you a pretty penny and most of us will never be able to afford it, it is quite incredible to know that this option actually exists.




  • Book a private jet using Bitcoin. Another pricey item on the list, but not as expensive as you may think. JetVizor, a Bitcoin accepting jet booking company, has become very popular and if you’re lucky you could get a last minute seat for a rate that rivals regular airline prices. Quite exciting isn’t it?



With the increasing popularity of Bitcoin in all industries, it really gets us thinking whether it is time to move over to using this convenient crypto currency in all spheres of our lives.