How to Double Your Bitcoin the Easy Way

So you have gotten your hands on some Bitcoin and are looking to start generating funds, and quickly! What is the best way to go about it?

There are hundreds of ways to multiply your Bitcoin stash, some ways faster than others. Below are just a few of the paths that you could take to potentially double your Bitcoins quickly and easily.



  • Online Casinos. There are many online casino sites out there that offer for transactions to be done in Bitcoin. It seems as though Bitcoin Gambling has become hot property right now, with everyone desperate to give it a try. All of the popular casino games are available to be played in Bitcoin on some or other site. If you have a knack for gambling, there are some huge rewards to be made in almost no time at all and you may have a bit of fun along the way. Keep in mind that the higher the risk the higher the reward and there are no guarantees that you won’t lose money gambling.




  • Sports Betting. You would most likely be surprised by how many sites there are that offer sports betting in Bitcoin. Sports betting in Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular as there are no transaction fees! Another big draw is the guaranteed anonymity when betting, spending and winning in Bitcoin. If you have experience in sports betting, transitioning to betting in Bitcoin should be easy and could possibly be quite exciting for you.




  • Lending in Bitcoin. This may not be the quickest way to double your Bitcoin, but it is certainly easy with little to no risk and you won’t be spending much time on this. Bitbond and BTCJam are probably the best and most reputable sites to use when wanting to lend out your Bitcoin for interest in return. The sites both do their best to get rid of scammers and have good verification systems in place to ensure that both borrowers and lenders are legitimate.




  • Bitcoin Dice Sites. Dice sites are actually the most popular games in the crypto currency gambling industry and there is a lot of Bitcoin to be made in it. Dice sites make betting very easy and most sites have a massive amount of different odds to choose from when betting. These Bitcoin dice sites work on a provably fair system.



With whatever site you are betting, lending or gambling on in the quest to double your Bitcoin, it is essential to check the legitimacy of these sites!


Online Casino Vera John Accepts Bitcoin in Daring New Innovative Strategy

verajohnVera John has broken new ground with their recent announcement. They are to begin accepting bitcoin for play in their igaming community. This is a huge leap forward for bitcoin fans who are using their digital currency in a limited number of ways due to restrictions. Previously, casino players were stuck with Bitcoin only casinos or bog standard online casinos like Thrills. With Vera John, users can deposit and withdraw using bitcoin. Transfers will happen at the coin’s current running value. As of this moment, it is trading at about $800. But it was only a few months ago where this number was about $11,100 (and then $400).
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