How to Book Flights With Bitcoin

In these exciting times we live in, you can book flights to pretty much anywhere in the world with the digital cryptocurrency that is Bitcoin! Bitcoin’s economy has grown so much in the last few years that there is not much that you can’t buy using Bitcoin.

The first step to purchasing flights with Bitcoin is to buy the necessary Bitcoin and set up your Bitcoin wallet, which stores your Bitcoin funds virtually. You can access these funds from your computer or mobile device using your personal identity key.

Below are just a few of the paths you can take when booking flights in Bitcoin:


  • Go through a Bitcoin accepting site. There are many sites, such as Expedia and Cheapair, that allow you to purchase flights from them in Bitcoin. There are no transaction fees when using Bitcoin to make online transactions which is a huge plus when paying for more costly items like air tickets. Both abovementioned sites take very low commission fees so this is an easy, legitimate and cost effective way to go about buying your flights.




  • Go directly through a Bitcoin accepting airline. Although there are not a huge amount of airlines that directly accept Bitcoin as a form of payment yet, the number is on the rise and we should see more and more of Bitcoin accepting airlines in the future. Some big names that are using Bitcoin as a form of payment are airBaltic and the very well known and loved Virgin Atlantic.




  • Use Bitcoins to get you into outer space. The Virgin brand has been in the Bitcoin game for a while now and Virgin Galactic has been offering trips into space in return for Bitcoin as early as 2013. Although this luxury trip will cost you a pretty penny and most of us will never be able to afford it, it is quite incredible to know that this option actually exists.




  • Book a private jet using Bitcoin. Another pricey item on the list, but not as expensive as you may think. JetVizor, a Bitcoin accepting jet booking company, has become very popular and if you’re lucky you could get a last minute seat for a rate that rivals regular airline prices. Quite exciting isn’t it?



With the increasing popularity of Bitcoin in all industries, it really gets us thinking whether it is time to move over to using this convenient crypto currency in all spheres of our lives.

How to Buy Giftcards at Gyft with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is fast becoming the digital currency of the future and there are more and more ways in which you can spend your Bitcoin. Expect to be able to purchase almost any type of goods and services, which most definitely includes gift cards!

Gyft is a site that offers the buying and redeeming of gift vouchers where Bitcoin is an accepted means of payment. Gyft is probably the best site out there when it comes to buying gift cards in Bitcoin. They offer gift cards from over 200 popular retailers and you can obtain gift cards for everything from pizza to jewelry. The variety is really impressive and you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

There are just a few simple steps to take in order to purchase a gift voucher at Gyft in Bitcoin. Firstly you will need to make sure that you have the necessary Bitcoin funds in your Bitcoin wallet. It is important that you have a Coinbase wallet as Coinbase is the wallet type that Gyft uses in their Bitcoin transactions. From there, it couldn’t be simpler! Decide and choose the gift card you would like to buy and then you just select Bitcoin as your preferred payment method. You will then send your funds through your Bitcoin wallet and your giftcard will be sent to you or a recipient of your choice.

Gyft also offers an exciting rewards system when using Bitcoin. For every purchase made in Bitcoin, you can earn 3% back in points which you can use as a discount on your next purchase or wait for your points to build up and receive an even bigger discount.

One of the biggest advantages of using Bitcoin in purchasing online is that there are no transactions fees! Gyft does not charge any additional processing or transaction fees when buying their gift cards in Bitcoin, this really makes Bitcoin the best way to shop online. Another advantage when spending in Bitcoin is that your identity is completely private and your transactions cannot be traced back to you.

While Gyft is a verified and reputable site that has many safety features in place to ensure the security of your Bitcoin, there are many scam sites out there and it is best to only use sites and companies with good reviews and accountability when spending your hard-earned Bitcoins!

Which WordPress Features Can You Buy With Bitcoin

Overview of WordPress

Powering more than 24% of the web, WordPress is a popular open source website that is used as a content management system and for blogging. News outlets, music sites and many companies use WordPress as a means of managing their content.

Features on WordPress

With blogging, websites, portfolios, personal blogs, business sites, enterprise websites, applications and custom domains it is easy to see why more and more people are turning toward using WordPress.

Features include the following:

  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Being able to publish easily
  • Tools for publishing
  • Excellent User Settings
  • Management of Media
  • Fluid Theme Setup
  • Plugins Extention
  • Comments that are built in
  • SEO
  • Multi-language WordPress is available in more than 70 languages
  • Easy to install along with upgrades
  • Licensed under the GPL which was created to protect user rights

Developer Features include the following:

  • Plugin Systems making it possible for individuals to create plugins in order to extend WordPress.
  • Theme System Create give individuals the opportunity to create different themes according to their tastes
  • Application Framework provides an array of features for individuals
  • Users can customise Content


Overview of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is used as a payment system between individuals who engage in online transactions. Bitcoin is produced by individuals and businesses that run computers in an attempt to use software to solve mathematical problems. Individuals can only buy things electronically from Bitcoin. The main idea behind Bitcoin was to produce money that was transferable electronically with low fees attached to it.

A few WordPress features that can be bought with Bitcoin

  • WooCommerce – WordPress plugin

WooCommerce, a eCommerce plugin allows individuals to sell anything that they like. Being integrated into WordPress this application gives individuals, business owners and developers complete control and flexibility to sell anything anywhere. With free shipping, extensive payment options and an array of WordPress themes available WooCommerce won’t let you down. Once individuals have downloaded WooCommerce they are afforded the option to install and activate Bitcoin Payments. Payments in Bitcoin are accepted directly into personal Electrum wallets.

  • Currency Converter

This amazing WordPress feature converts amounts between different currencies. As with WooCommerce, this can be bought online with Bitcoin.

  • The GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway – a multipurpose WordPress plugin

This plugin allows individuals to accept bitcoin as well as a number of other different currency types such as Dogecoin, Paycoin, Darkcoin, Reddcoin and Potcoin. This can be used for an array of different purposes such as a payment gateway for selling products online.

  • Webmaster Spelling Notifications

This plugin gives users the ability to receive and send reports regarding spelling and grammatical errors on their websites.

  • Bitcoin Ticker Widget

The Bitcoin Ticker Widget displays and monitors current exchange rates


How to Spend Your Bitcoin at Reddit

If you haven’t spent some time browsing the many articles on Reddit, you definitely should! Reddit is a site that is dedicated to publishing up to date news and information on a variety of exciting topics. The articles are submitted as well as rated by the Reddit community to determine where each article’s position stands amongst the rest. There are also loads of forums available to discuss topics with likeminded people. Reddit is very strict about cyber bullying and online harassment and all discussions should be done in a professional manner.
Reddit has a wealth of information from reliable sources on Bitcoin, especially on how and where to spend your Bitcoin. With all the pseudo news out there today, Reddit can really be relied upon to be a verified source of information and if you are ever in doubt about anything you can always start a discussion and there should be someone within the Reddit community that can answer your questions. The people that are contributing articles on Bitcoin to Reddit are really passionate about what they do and growing the Bitcoin community through sharing validated information
There are compartmentalised lists on Reddit which describe where you can spend Bitcoin in each industry. Each list compromises of the names of the most popular companies which accept Bitcoin as a form of payment in each particular field, such as charities, airlines, food and beverage and entertainment. Reddit can be trusted that all companies listed on the site are not scam sites that will trick you into spending your hard earned Bitcoin with them for nothing in return. All companies listed are reputable and have had good reviews within the industry. With Reddit, you can have peace of mind about where your Bitcoins are going.
Reddit also has many helpful Bitcoin articles that give you information on the very basics of Bitcoin to the more in depth aspects of the Bitcoin industry. On Reddit you can learn where to buy Bitcoins, how to set up your virtual Bitcoin wallet, how to earn Bitcoin and how to start mining for Bitcoin.
The wealth of information is just incredible and the site is very easy to use. Reddit can probably answer each and every question you may have regarding Bitcoin