Online Casino Vera John Accepts Bitcoin in Daring New Innovative Strategy

verajohnVera John has broken new ground with their recent announcement. They are to begin accepting bitcoin for play in their igaming community. This is a huge leap forward for bitcoin fans who are using their digital currency in a limited number of ways due to restrictions. Previously, casino players were stuck with Bitcoin only casinos or bog standard online casinos like Thrills. With Vera John, users can deposit and withdraw using bitcoin. Transfers will happen at the coin’s current running value. As of this moment, it is trading at about $800. But it was only a few months ago where this number was about $11,100 (and then $400).

But this is a big move in adding further legitimacy to bitcoin. The fact that users can withdraw using bitcoin is huge. They can actually withdraw bitcoin’s despite never putting any in, which is a huge and daring move for Vera John.

There is no delay in bitcoin transactions. It is a uniform currency that can be transferred to theoretically anyone and any place at any given time. This ubiquitous nature makes the currency very perplexing and thought-provoking. It is probably also why Vera John is so intrigued by it.

Vera&John casino has stressed innovation as one of their main business strategies. This certainly lives up to those lofty expectations and claims. The strategy could backfire, of course. Bitcoin has seen many detractors that say it is little more than a glorified stock. But it is such an incredible option, and it has the potential to change the way in which people interact with the Internet, money, and casinos.